“Our work on the Na Korábě project began once our proposal won in the design tender published by Real-Treuhand Reality in 2009.“



“Although the building is taller, with 8 floors above ground, it fits very nicely within its surroundings, both from the east (as it aligns with the existing administrative building) and from the west, where the trees overlook the Vltava valley. The advantage of our design is the way it expands the garden area for the building’s residents and includes a children’s playground, gazebo and other resting areas. The fact that most people prefer to live on higher floors with a nicer view have justified this approach, as did this relatively unique location overlooking Prague.

The building’s facade comprises of windows but also entire residential units, corresponding to its intended individuality, clearly defined priorities and rational. The residential units have been designed to meet higher medium living standards.

Building in a city often poses many complications and limitations for a developer that simply do not exist when building on an open field. Few builders these days have the courage to construct a new building in such a location. The need to respect history and the various restrictions imposed by the location and size of the property create a challenge indeed, and a major reason why original design is required.

Another advantage of this location is its close proximity to the urban centre, with good access to automobile and public transport and nearby facilities and services. Na Korábě is a street which has maintained its quiet and natural character. With its picturesque view over Prague, it makes it an ideal location for modern living.




The Na Korábě project was designed by the AULÍK FIŠER ARCHITEKTI studio, owned and managed by architects Jan Aulík (*1958) and Jakub Fišer (*1972). Jan Aulík is a member of the Czech Chamber of Architects and teaches at the Prague Faculty of Architecture, where he heads the Construction Design Studio [Atelieru navrhování staveb]. Jakub Fišer, on the other hand, is a member of the supervisory council of the Czech Architecture Foundation [Nadace české architektury].

Our design studio is well-known in Prague, mostly by its work on the administrative complex of BB Centre in Prague 4, Michle. We have also had extensive experience in the design of residential units, such as the building on Gotthardské street in Bubenec (2009) and the Alfa project in Prague’s BB Centre, in 2004 nominated to represent the Czech Republic at the European Architecture Awards.

The studio’s works have been published and put on display domestically and abroad – further details at


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